New yard for empty railcars at Vostochny Port

The railway yard for empty railcars departure at Nakhodka-Vostochny station, built in the framework of Vostochny Port’s Phase 3 project, was opened to traffic. The new railway infrastructure facility is intended for distribution of cargo bound for both Phase 3 and the existing coal terminal of Vostochny Port, as well as for other port terminals in the Bay of Vrangel. The new railway yard will be transferred into the ownership of RZD.
The yard for dispatch of empty railcars has been expanded, the number of tracks was increased to 13, the capacity almost doubled. 8 existing tracks were supplemented with 5 new ones with a total capacity of 355 railcars and useful length of 5,200 meters. A centralized security system and a pneumatic tube system have been installed for a faster exchange of documents.
“Today, we are opening the key element for further development of our largest dedicated coal port, Vostochny. The new yard will let increase transshipment via the existing terminal and provide for operation of the coal terminal’s Phase 3 with the total capacity increasing to 40 million tonnes”, Russian Transport Minister Maxim Sokolov said.

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