New private rail transport operator in Turkey

After Körfez Taşımacılık, another company is about to complete the necessary preparations to become a private rail transport operator on the Turkish market.

Omsan Lojistik, a company owned by the Oyak Group, has already announced the completion of its safety management system documentation and is about to become the second railway transport operator in Turkey. Soon, workforce recruitment process will begin.

The company announces that from 2018 it will be able to start operating freight trains, the main activity being the transport of iron ore from Divriği to Iskenderun. The company will thus carry its own cargo from the factories it owns, Ermaden (in the city of Divriği) and the other Isdemir (in Iskenderun).

This is the largest cargo carried in Turkey, over 2 million tons of iron ore per year, and the fully electrified rail section is the busiest route on the Turkish railway network.
For the transport of iron ore, Omsan Lojistik will rent locomotives and railcars from TCDD Taşımacılık, a subsidiary of Turkish Railways (TCDD), set up to provide rail passenger and freight transport.
The measure of establishing TCDD Taşımacılık was part of the strategy for liberalizing the rail market in Turkey, a strategy that came into force from the beginning of 2017.

Oyak Group is one of the largest customers of rail transport. The Group operates on several heavy industry sectors such as steel processing and cement manufacturing. Along with iron ore mining, the group owns 15% of the rail freight transport market in Turkey.