The Netherlands grants EUR 3 billion for rolling stock investments

A first project carried out in this respect by the Dutch passenger rail operator (Nederlandse Spoorwegen) provides for the upgrading of 45 double-decker trains, with a total of 242 railcars. The costs amount to EUR 500 million. Thus, 96% of the first generation of trains will be fully modernized.
Nederlandse Spoorwegen wishes to provide its passengers with more comfortable and safer trains and thus the company decided to invest both in modernizing the existing rolling stock fleet and in acquiring new trains.
The entire investment program will run until 2021, estimated at a cost of EUR 3 billion. Modernising the trains is also a sustainable option because many of the old components will be recycled. After the upgrading program, the trains will have comfortable seats, modern lighting systems, electronic equipment charging facilities for both first and second class railcars, as well as a more attractive design.
The Dutch operator states that this will extend the life-cycle of the trains by 20 years. The first trains will be upgraded by the end of 2020. Immediately the test period will start and then mass modernization procedure should begin. Starting with 2021, the fully modernized double-decker trains will be put into commercial operation. In addition to the modernization of old rolling stock, Nederlandse Spoorwegen will also buy new Sprinter and Intercity trains, all these projects being estimated at a cost of EUR 3 billion.

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