Moscow to open the first two light rail lines

Moscow is preparing to launch two central diameters lines, one offering transport connection from Odintsovo to Lobnya and another one, from Nakhabino to Podolsk.
“Moscow Central Diameters are a new project, and we are working vigorously with Russian Railways and preparing to launch the first two Central Diameters,” Sergei Sobyanin, the Moscow Mayor said.
Russian Railways and the Central Suburban Passenger Company are both involved in the project.
“The city has allocated additional funds, so that those transport companies will not have to carry the whole cost of the maintenance work on the platforms and this will make it possible to accelerate the job and step-up its quality. Additionally, we have to work on improvement projects near these lines, plus project subsidies,” Sobyanin explained.
The cross-city lines will link the capital with the Moscow Region. The city is planning for several more link, which will be put into commercial operation in the next four years.
The Moscow Central Diameters are cross-city railway lines operated by modern Ivolga (Oriole) trains, manufactured by Tver Carriage Plant Works. Ivolga is the first representative of the Russian platform of new-generation EMUs, which incorporated the most advanced technical solutions. The new EMU family can operate under varying conditions: urban, inter-city, interregional, intermodal, at speeds up to 160 km/h, and eventually up to 250 km/
The Ivolga platform concept provides for possible making-up of trains with varying number of cars. At the customer’s option, the train can comprise 4 to 14 cars.

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