Metrovagonmash opens an automated assembly line

Transmashholding has launched an automated line for assembling carriages produced by Metrovagonmash.
The capacity of the new production line is more than 1,500 carriages per year which is almost 40% more than the capacity of the carriage production currently existing at Metrovagonmash. The technical characteristics of the assembly line are adapted to the Industry 4.0 concept.
The line is divided into 6 assembly stations, which are organized by the integrated delivery of all components. Moving a carriage from one post to another occurs in automatic mode and is controlled by radio signals and controllers. The line is controlled by the central computer and three interactive monitors that offer the needed data on the movement process for each post, the causes of downtime or equipment breakdown.
Putting the line into operation will significantly reduce the assembly time of the carriages and increase productivity by 30%.
Transmashholding has invested RUB 35 million (USD 503.4 thousand) for this project.

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