Metra approves camera procurement contract

Chicago’s rail commuter operator, Metra, approved a USD 15.5 million contract for the procurement and installation of cameras for minimum 400 passenger cars and a maximum of 700 cars.
The operator currently plans to install 9 cameras per railcar. The cameras will be connected to onboard DVR systems that will record and store the video which can be retrieved. The camera network will be similar to the system used by Chicago Transit Authority on its trains and buses.
The contract includes the design, implementation and installation of a surveillance camera system capable of capturing video of all passenger seating areas and vestibules.
“This project is not a response to any specific incident but is just another way we can use technology to augment onboard security. We’re always looking for ways to improve safety and security for our customers and employees,” said Jim Derwinski, Metra CEO.

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