Mayor of Iași signed the contract for the purchase of Bozankaya trams

Mayor of Iași (north-east of Romania), Mihai Chirica, signed, on November 11, the contract for the purchase of 16 trams from the Turkish company Bozankaya Otomotiv Mak. Iml. Ith. Ve Ihr. A.Ş.

Bozankaya trams

The total value of the contract is EUR 29,6 million (RON 140 million, excluding VAT), EUR 2.2 million for each tram. The 16 trams will have a minimum length of 26 metres and a total transport capacity of minimum 230 seats, 100% low floor and air conditioning.

Mihai Chirica announced that the first tram should arrive by the end of next year. “It was a very close auction, attended by a company from Poland and one in Turkey, the second company being the winner. We have experience and a lengthy relationship with Turkish companies regarding the modernization of the public passenger transport park, by bringing the 100 modern buses, at the beginning of my term as mayor. The company is of German origin, later moving to Turkey. It has provided trams all over Europe and it will deliver to us as well, “said Mayor Mihai Chirica in a press conference.

Bozankaya trams, the second contract in Romania

“We are honoured to sign this contract. It is the second contract we have in Romania, after the one in Timisoara. I am absolutely convinced that it will be a successful project and Iasi will receive the best trams “said Yigt Belin, Senior Executive in Business Development, Sales and Bidding of the Turkish company.

The 16 trams will have a minimum length of 26 metres and a total transport capacity of minimum 230 seats, 30 of them will be non-folding seats, and at least five, accessible low floor. The single passenger seats will be made of reinforced fiberglass material or plastics with antistatic treatment, embedded paint, with anti-graffiti and anti-vandalism properties, with wear and dirt resistant upholstery.

All the trams must be articulated, 100% low-floor, equipped with at least three electrically controlled double service doors, at least 1,000 millimetres, with access to passengers with reduced mobility. In addition, they may have at least two double doors and at least two single doors. The doors will be provided with an anti-lock safety system, with a pre-order button for opening the doors while in the stations, both inside and outside, as well as a button to open the them in case of emergency.

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