Lithuania and Kazakhstan to develop train “Saulė” project

SauleLithuania intends to develop train “Saulė” a cooperation between Lithuania and Kazakhstan which has a real possibility to become an impressive realization of the Great Silk Road ambition. “We seek to develop the project further and expand the transit carriage of cargo between Eastern and Western Europe as well as Scandinavian countries through Lithuanian territory. Noteworthy, this idea is not only written down, but, currently, is actively making its way to life”, Lithuanian Ministry of Transport, Rimantas Sinkevičius, said during the 8th Astana Economic Forum.
Kazakhstan seeks to realize logistics projects allowing increasing the capacity of intermodal terminals in China and the EU countries. In addition, it sets up the freight distribution center in East-West corridor. The country envisages implementing the project “Khorgos-Eastern Gate” that will develop Aktau seaport and Special Economic Zone. Analogously, Lithuania develops transport hub project Klaipėda-Western Gate.
It is expected that the Memorandum of Understanding on establishing joint ventures in Klaipėda and Khorgos, which was signed between Lithuania and Kazakhstan in December 2014, will help to implement the above mentioned transport and infrastructure projects and boost the development of container train “Saulė”.

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