Light rail trams to be shipped to Rio de Janeiro

VLT light rail-Brazilia_dif1-300x186The first catenary free tram for Rio de Janeiro’s VLT light rail network is set to be shipped from the Port of Antwerp in Belgium. The first bi-directional vehicle will arrive in Rio de Janeiro by the end of June. The first section of the line is scheduled to enter into service at the end of 2015, linking the surrounding districts with Santos Dumont Airport. The tram network is expected to carry 300,000 passengers each day. In total, the network will include 32 stops and cover 28 kilometres around the city’s port area.

Alstom, which is a member of the consortium building and commissioning the new system, is building four of the project’s 32 trams in France before production moves to São Paulo. Alstom is supplying its Citadis tram and APS ground-level power supply system as part of the VLT Carioca consortium delivering the project.


Photo: image courtesy of Porto Maravilha

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