LA Metro will have innovation office for improved mobility

05-los angelesThe Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) will set up an Office of Extraordinary Innovation to champion new ideas for improving mobility throughout Los Angeles County. The office staff will consult with local, national and international academia and transportation and policy think tanks. It will begin a comprehensive strategic planning process that will include input from the Metro Board of Directors, employees, stakeholders and local and national partners that will help set the strategic direction of the agency for the next decade or more.
The office also will evaluate and improve procurement practices. It will consider unsolicited proposals to determine technical or financial merit. Responsibilities of the office will include: informing the high-level vision for Metro through exposure to innovative people, organizations and industries; supporting Metro departments in piloting new and experimental programs and policy; serving as the primary liaison for new ideas relevant to Metro and the transportation industry coming from entrepreneurs, established private sector entities, academia or individual citizens.

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