Kosovo announces tender to modernise a Railway Route 10 section

Kosovo Railways Infrastructure, Infrakos, has launched the tender for the rehabilitation of the Southern Part of Railway Route 10. The contract envisages the section between Fushë Kosovë and Hani i Elezit, from around km 246+888 to around km 313+711, with an overall length of 67 km. Submission closing date is 28 Jun 2018. The rehabilitation of the line will be implemented with the railway line in operation.
All tenders must be accompanied by a tender security of EUR 900.000.
Rail Route 10 presents the existing railway line in total length of 252 km with general orientation Kraljevo (SERBIA)-Pristine (Kosovo)-Gorce Petrov (FYR Macedonia). The railway line is crossing Kosovo at a length of 148 km starting from Leshak at the Serbian border end ending at Hani i Elezit, border with FYR Macedonia.
The design of the railway line allows for its electrification, but the electrification, signalling and telecommunications are not part of this tender, which includes only the civil works.
The contract is financed through an EBRD loan.
Here you can find more information on this tender.

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