Kerry Logistics launches new freight train using BTK

Kerry Logistics launched a new cross-border rail and trucking services from China through Kazakhstan to Caucasus and Turkey. The new train service starts from Lianyungang (in east of China), passing China’s territory to the west direction, and brings shipments across Kazakhstan and Caspian Sea to multiple destinations in Turkey through the newly-built Baku–Tbilisi–Kars railway.
To offer greater flexibility to customers with different volume needs, both block train and single wagon services are being offered. With a transit time of 18-20 days, the main products to be moved by the new cross-border services will include electronic parts, electrical appliances, minerals, auto parts, and other industrial goods.
“With our rail freight and trucking capabilities extending their reach to the strategic locations of Turkey and Caucasus, we will be able to grasp the immense market opportunities presented by the Belt and Road initiative with our enhanced position in the region,” Edwardo Erni, Managing Director – China & North Asia of Kerry Logistics said.
Kerry Logistics completed the first westbound charter freight from Yiwu, Eastern China to Madrid, Spain in August 2016 and it has also set foot on the first eastbound freight train from London to Yiwu in April 2017.
The company will continue to develop its rail and multimodal freight services under the Belt and Road initiative, from China to Central Asia and Europe.
As the company currently operates in Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia in Caucasus, is well positioned to capture the growing trades in new markets in the region and Europe.

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