Japan may finance Košice-Vienna broad gauge line project

Kosice-ViennaRZD President Vladimir Yakunin proposed to Japanese partners to participate in financing Košice-Vienna broad gauge line. “I can tell you that we have come to the phase where we need to form a special fund for the project. I invite Japan’s financial circles to consider the possibility of participation,” Yakunin said during the business forum Coordination Council on Trans-Siberian Transportation.
Yakunin said that currently the implementation of the project is successfully continues with the participation of the of railway companies of Austria, Slovakia, Russia and Ukraine. In particular, the business plan is ready and the initial capital must be formed now.
The total cost of construction the project infrastructure of a broad gauge line amounts to EUR 5 billion, Yakunin said, but did not specify the way the investment may be distributed among the project participants, noting that the share of third-party investment could be of “absolutely any amount,” and the Russian Railways contribution requires consultation with the Russian Government.
“I have no doubt that, whether or not there will be delays caused by political circumstances, this project is very viable and economically feasible,” Yakunin said.

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