Italian Railways launches multimodal app

Ferrovie dello Stato (FS Italiane) have launched a nation-wide multimodal transport app. Called Nugo, this app is available for both Apple and Android devices. Nugo allows users to plan a door-to-door journey in the country, but also to buy just one ticket for all transport modes they need. Initially, this app includes 50 transport companies, but seeks to reach 400 members. The 50 transport companies include local and interurban transport operators, ferry transport operators, metro, bike, car-sharing and taxi companies. The users can also use the app to book parking spaces in the railway stations across Italy.
The cost of the application amounted to EUR 20 million. “The objective of the application is to facilitate a more comfortable, safer and easier journey. We want to prove our customers that they can plan their door-to-door journey easier without using their personal cars”, says Gianluigi Castelli, Executive Manager Nugo.
“To favour railway transport between Italian cities, it is necessary to improve our last mile transport. The app also includes competitors of Italian Railways, such as the open-access high speed transport operator, Italo, but also bus transport operators. In order to attract car users, the solution is to provide several transport alternatives”, believes Renato Mazzoncini, Chief Executive Officer FS Italiane.
Also, by favouring different public transport modes, the company will achieve intermodal integration, one of the five pillars of FS Italiane’s Industrial Plan for 2017-2026.
In just a few days since its launch, the application has already been downloaded by 14,000 users.

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