Hungary plans EUR 67 mln tram – train network

Hungary tram-train_atr008Hungary plans to build its first tram – train. Utiber transport consulting company (Hungary) is responsible for planning the Forints 20bn (EUR 67 mln) first tram – train project and will complete detailed feasibility studies by the end of 2015. Detailed planning and approval will take place in 2016 and construction will begin in 2017 with the project due for completion in 2018.
In Hungary this is the first suburban railway line to be built between Mureș (Romania) and Szeged, but still a lot of the realization of the project remains.
The project was jointly announced by Zoltan Hegedus deputy mayor of Hódmezövásárhely and Püski Ottó, the deputy director of planning at Utiber Ltd.
The project consists of three main design phases. Szeged – Rókuson, in principle, should be linked to the existing MAV railways and local tram network. The line needs to be upgraded and also reconstruction works will be required between the two cities, and the third should be planned very meticulously and fully electrified rail towards Mureș.
The first tram-train project will link the tram network in Szeged and a planned light rail line in Hódmezővásárhely and then the route follows the Hungarian Railways’ Szeged – Békéscsaba line.
The project involves linking Szeged tram Line 2 to the main line network at Szeged – Rókuson  station.


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