Harsco Rail selects ETCS provider

Multipurpose StoneblowerThales Deutschland was selected to provide the ETCS L2 on – board systems according to Baseline 3 Maintenance Release 2 for new Multipurpose Stoneblower maintenance machines for an operation in the UK.

Harsco Rail and Thales Deutschland are equipping together four vehicles with ETCS on – board Units (UNISIG BL3 / SRS Version 3.6.0).

The signalling solution is developed and provided by Thales and is allowing a dynamic transition to the British national train control system TPWS / AWS.

This project is strengthening the collaborative working together between Harsco Rail and Thales Deutschland sharpening the modern future of a safe railway operation.

The Multipurpose Stoneblower machines which are equipped are revolutionary machines developed specifically as an alternative to traditional tamping methods for the restoration of track geometry.

Harsco Rail’s Multipurpose Stoneblower is a revolutionary machine developed specifically as an alternative to traditional tamping methods for the restoration of track’s vertical and lateral alignment. The result is a smooth track surface which is immediately available for unrestricted line speeds.

The machine has a length of 32.2 metres and a weight of 113 tonnes carried on three bogies, being capable to run at a speed of 100 km/h. The vehicle pneumatically injects ballast under the tie to achieve track position accuracy of 1.0 mm without disturbing the pre-existing compacted foundation. During the activities, the track remains in position much longer than track maintained by traditional tamping methods and it is immediately opened at line speed after stoneblowing. The on–board crane loads machine completely with stone in less than one hour and the post maintenance record of quality is immediately available.

The Stoneblower is an innovative machine with complete vertical and lateral track design capabilities, on – board diagnostic systems, automatic indexing and tie position sensing, dual encoder system and a complete track recording system. The operator interface is done via a touch screen monitor and the diagnostic system monitors all machine functions including drive and stone supply system.

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