GySEV receives five additional DesiroML trains

DesiroML trainsThe Hungarian-Austrian railway operator GySEV/Raaberbahn has put into passenger operation five additional DesiroML trains ordered in January 2021 from Siemens Mobility. With the new trains delivered on May 6, 2022, added to the existing fleet now counting 13 such vehicles, GySEV operates one of the most modern regional train fleets in Europe.

The new trains will be used in northern Burgenland and in the greater metropolitan area of Vienna, extending up to Bratislava (Slovakia).

The trains offer a particularly high level of travel comfort thanks to an efficient air conditioning, accessibility, seats with tables, sockets for charging mobile phones or laptops, and many other amenities.

The new 75 m long DesiroML trains reach a maximum speed of 160 km/h. With 8 engines each, they achieve a total output of 3,500 hp. For the cross-border operations, the trains are equipped with two types of power systems. Due to the low-friction resistance against the rail, these vehicles move in a particularly climate-friendly manner.

Braking energy is also used and recovered back into the overhead lines. With energy meters, data on the power consumption and the power recovery are transmitted to the control centre at 15-minute intervals. All the Desiro ML trains – called as GySEV Ventus – can be upgraded to battery hybrid technology, which allows for their usage on non-electrified routes as well. Thanks to their modular design, they can be extended by an additional intermediate car as well.

Each train weighs 150 tonnes and can carry a maximum of 500 passengers and 12 bicycles. The yellow-green three-car train has 12 boarding doors and 38 windows, providing 224 seats, 26 folding tables, 2 toilets and a changing tables.

To achieve a high level of comfort for passengers, 180 LED reading lamps and 88 sockets were installed. The train is equipped with CO2 sensors, which measure constantly the saturation level of the passenger compartment and automatically regulate the circulating air as well as the supply and exhaust air. This not only ensures further energy savings, but also ensures the optimal oxygen content. To allow for a stable room temperature, 5 modern air conditioning units are used in each train. Permanent data transmission is enabled by 6 SIM cards in the train, which are used not only for the continuous transmission of technical parameters and any error messages from the vehicle to the GySEV fleet management and offer free Wi-Fi Internet access for the passengers in Austria, Hungary and Slovakia. Free newspapers and magazines are available for the commuters as well.

The state of Burgenland has assumed liability for the vehicles to support and allow for the purchase.

“The support of our clients, the Ministry of Climate Action and Energy BMK and the state of Burgenland, enables us to improve the GySEV Railway for our passengers continuously. Our modern fleet has attracted many people to use the trains in recent months and has generated a very satisfying and strong increase in passenger numbers,” Hana Dellemann, Deputy CEO, GySEV said.

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