Gdańsk orders additional Jazz Duo LRVs

Gdańsk Bus and Tram (GAiT), the tram operator of Gdańsk, exercised the option for 15 additional Pesa Jazz Duo trams, as part of the contract signed at the beginning of 2018. They will be delivered by the end of 2020, when the operator will have 30 new Jazz Duo LRVs.
The first five trams initially ordered should be supplied in January 2019, but the delivery was postponed for July. The remaining 10 LRVs will be delivered in November. According to GAiT, the delay will result in EUR 2,062 daily penalties, which will be calculated to pay the acquisition of the additional trams.
“We estimate that these penalties will cover the costs of at least two new Jazz trams. In this way, the inconvenience, at least partially, will turn into useful solutions,” Maciej Lisicki, the president of GaiT, said.
The 29.7-m long tram can accommodate 200 passengers, including at least 28 seats. The LRVs will be equipped with facilities for passengers with reduced mobility and blind and visually impaired. Each tram will have a more ergonomic cab design and will be equipped with air-conditioned and monitoring and passenger information system.

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