Frauscher wins axle counter system contract in France

axle counterFrauscher Sensor Technology won SNCF Réseau axle counter system tender which will modernise the signalling systems of the French rail network.

The contract with SNCF Réseau consists of developing, supplying and maintaining a new generation of axle counter systems. The project will start in autumn 2022 for a period of 10 years, renewable for a further 5 years, as well as a maintenance period of up to 30 years.

The development phase will consist of the integration of new and innovative features as well as the implementation of the unified Eulynx protocol, in partnership with SNCF Réseau.

“Never before has a network launched a tender of this magnitude to select an axle counting system supplier. It is a complex project with a very specific interface and product requirements. However, we have all the tools at our disposal to ensure a smooth implementation of our solutions into the existing infrastructure, including extensive experience with Eulynx,” Mayank Tripathi, CSO of Frauscher Sensor Technology said.

Frauscher entered the French market in 2016 with the goal of providing concrete answers to the development of French rail transportation systems. “Winning this tender has reinforced our belief that our strategy, approach and vision are properly aligned with our goals,” the company says.

Frauscher’s axle counter system is comprised of two parts. The trackside equipment consists of two highly reliable wheel sensors mounted onto the track. the benefits of the trackside equipment are reflected in the highly available wheel sensors, easy installation via rail claws, and provides a maintenance-free operation.

The second component of the system is a flexible and space-saving indoor equipment that houses innovative electronics boards. Via state-of-the-art software and widely used hardware interfaces, the latter are quickly and efficiently integrated into existing signalling technology systems. The data from the sensor is transmitted to the indoor equipment of the axle counting system. High-performance Frauscher evaluation boards then carry out the evaluation of the information provided by the sensor as well as the counting of axles. The thus generated data is made available to higher-level systems via various interfaces.



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