Frauscher inaugurates new production facility in India

Frauscher Sensor Technology India Private has inaugurated a new production facility in Mysuru, a city in India’s southwestern Karnataka state. The company’s production unit in Mysuru has moved to a larger building and modern building, which will support company’s projects in India as well as its contribution to the ‘Make in India’ initiative.
“From our point of view, the Indian market is in fact really impressive and unique. The market volume itself is huge and the Indian government has also drawn up impressive infrastructure plans for the future, which will have a big impact on the railway and metro networks. Against that backdrop, the inauguration of this new production facility reflects our commitment to the Indian market. By strengthening our supply chain on-site we are able to provide our customers with individual solutions for their requirements,” Michael Thiel, CEO Frauscher Sensor Technology, said.
The new facility provides space for multiple meeting rooms, a dedicated RDSO inspection area, quality check and quality assurance departments, a warehouse, separate areas for sensor assembly and packing, as well as work stations for all employees, an in-house cafeteria and more.

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