France introduces plane ticket eco-tax to finance rail transport

Paris Government announced the introduction of a plane ticket eco-tax between 1.5 and 18 euros to finance railway transport.

plane ticket eco-tax

As of 2020, the French Government will implement an eco-tax between 1.5 and 18 euros for all flights departing France, except for those to Corsica and Outre Mer (French territories in South Pacific), as well as transit flights, Minister of Transport Elisabeth Borne announced.

This measure, adopted during the second Council of ecologic defence chaired by President Emmanuel Macron, will be integrated in the Draft Budget Law for 2020 and applied to all air companies. At the end of last month, European railway operators asked the ministries of finances in the European Union to end the exemption of air fuel customs tax which, according to them, creates unbalanced prices between transport modes, resulting in unfair competition.

The eco-tax will apply only to flights departing France and not to those arriving in France and it will be of 1.5 euros for the Economic class for internal and inter-community flights, 9 euros for same flights at Business class, 3 euros for the Economic flights outside the EU and 18 euros for the Business class outside the EU, said Elisabeth Borne. This tax should collect EUR 182 million as of 2020. The money will be redirected to investments in more eco-friendly modes of transport, mostly railway transport, according to the minister.

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