Flirt mock-up for FNM presented

Stadler and FerrovieNord (FNM) have presented the mock-up of the new diesel-electric Flirt train for Lombardy. Ten months after signing the contract, the two companies presented the walk-in demonstration model in original size, at EXPO Ferroviaria 2019.
In November, Stadler and FerrovieNord signed a framework agreement for up to 50 multiple units, with an initial order for 30 Flirt trains which will provide regional services.
According to the contract, delivery of the first vehicles is scheduled for the end of 2021. This supply is based on what is laid down by the procurement programme of new trains, approved and financed with EUR 1.6 billion from Regione Lombardia.
The 3-car trains have a capacity of 328 passengers with seats for 168 of them. The 66.8-m train, able to run at speeds of 140 km/h, is equipped with LED lighting and Wi-Fi, USB connections and a passenger information system.
The new trains were developed with a special focus on environmental sustainability.
The train is powered by a power pack containing four latest-generation, low-emission diesel engines (stage V with SCR catalytic converter) and two sets of batteries. A warning light system informs passengers when doors are opening and closing. Accessibility for people with reduced mobility is facilitated by sliding steps that compensate for the distance between the doors and the platform. There are also places for bicycles and luggage in the trains.
Fuel consumption is expected to be 30 percent lower than that of the current fleet, which corresponds to an estimated saving of EUR 3 million per year. CO2 emissions will also be cut by 12,400 tonnes per year. This represents the equivalent of 8,600 cars on the roads.

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