Test of new GE Evolution Series Tier 4 Engine completed

GEGE Transportation completed the first production test of its GE Evolution Series Tier 4 engine. This production test evaluates the performance, emissions and mechanical properties of the engine. This is the first engine to go through the newly built test cell in Grove City and will be sent to one of GE’s locomotive assembly facilities to be installed into a GE Evolution Series Tier 4 locomotive.
The development of the Evolution Series Tier 4 engine was part of the larger $600 million investment made in the Evolution Series platform.  GE was able to create an engine that required no after-treatment to meet the emission targets. GE Transportation leveraged other GE business units to develop elements of the Tier 4 engine including the power assembly, exhaust gas recirculation, common rail fuel system and turbocharger.
“We are committed to delivering Evolution Series Tier 4 locomotives to our customers. We’ve already manufactured 27 engines and the completion of this test is a major step forward in our Tier 4 journey. Through the efforts of the GE team in Grove City, we’ll be able to validate the test cell and the production process and make improvements to our overall plan,” said Tina Donikowski, VP of GE Locomotives, Marine, and Stationary & Drill.

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