First phase of Grand-Tunis Rapid Rail Network receives EUR 50 million

The French Development Agency (AFD) confirms its role as Tunisia’s benchmark partner in the urban mobility sector, which is one of the key areas for the sustainable development of territories and cities.

AFD supports the mobility development in Tunisia in the framework of a Technical Expertise and Exchange Fund (Fexte), which allows the implementation of a technical cooperation program for the Ministry of Transport. AFD’s technical cooperation initiatives are also in synergy with the Agency’s important funding for urban transport investment in Tunisia.

AFD thus accompanies three of the most important current clean transport projects in Tunisia that contribute significantly to the development and structuring of the Grand Tunis and thus to the improvement of the living conditions of the populations living there.

AFD supported the modernization program of the light metro network, with EUR 40 million, carried out by the Tunis Transport Company (Transtu). This program, which ended, enabled the extension of the light metro and the renovation of the Tunis-la Goulette-la Marsa (TGM) line.

A joint venture with a group of European donors (EIB, KfW, European Union), AFD has set up a EUR 50 million loan for the first phase of the Grand-Tunis Rapid Rail Network (RFR).

It will support by financing EUR 75 million the project for the development of the Central Boucle of the Tunis metro and an interchange hub at Barcelona Square, which is expected to be launched in 2017.

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