Federal funding to increase Dallas LRT capacity

Galatyn Park Station

The U.S. Federal Transit Administration provided Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) a USD 60.7 million grant to build light-rail capacity.
The funding will be used for the construction of the Red and Blue Line Platform Extensions, which will allow DART to accommodate more riders and longer trains. The project will lengthen platforms at 28 stations along the existing Red and Blue light rail lines that currently can accommodate only two-car trains. When the project is complete, all stations on these lines will be able to accommodate three-car trains. The total project cost is USD 128.74 million.
By expanding the platforms at these stations, three-car trains can be operated system-wide, and the capacity of the Red and Blue line service significantly increased.
DART estimates that when the project is complete, capacity in the corridor will be increased 12 percent, which exceeds the 10 percent minimum required by law for Core Capacity projects.
“This Federal investment will improve mobility for thousands of people who travel throughout the Dallas Metropolitan area,” the U.S. Transport Secretary Elaine Chao, said.
The project is expected to be completed in 2022.

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