Eurotech to provide passenger counters for Grand Paris Express

Thales selected Eurotech France as a supplier of embedded hardware and IoT software for the CAVE project “Automatic Counting of Passengers” of the new Grand Paris Express metro lines 15, 16 and 17.
Under the contract, Eurotech will supply a minimum of 1400 passenger counters, with potential additional traches for a total up to 4250. No other financial details have been disclosed.
This project aims to know in real time the number of wagon users at each station to feed mobility applications and then to improve transport services through a detailed analysis of all the data collected about passenger flows. In addition to using the PoE version of Eurotech’s DynaPCN passenger counter, the solution is based on ESF (Everyware Software Framework) for the on-board software for data collection and remote configuration, and EC (Everyware Cloud) for the ground software to enable Société du Grand Paris to securely access passenger counting information and to use this data internally or by sharing it externally.
In 2018, Société du Grand Paris awarded Thales a contract to design and deploy the onboard systems for the three new lines. The 20-year contract involves equipping 159 trains to serve a total of 125 km of new lines. The latest-generation systems installed on board the trains will enhance passenger safety and improve the passenger experience by providing permanent access to travel information, multimedia content and connectivity services. The onboard system includes onboard CCTV cameras for videoprotection, passenger information systems, interphone systems for better communications between passengers and the transport operator, onboard public address system, automatic passenger counters as well as interfaces and onboard integration of equipment for the digital Grand Paris project.

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