Europe needs to accelerate ERTMS deployment

“We have an action plan, a deployment plan and we have to tackle cross border issues and to accelerate ERTMS deployment. This will boost railway transport across our network and will create huge economic growth,” Karel Vinck, the EU Coordinator for ERTMS overall programme said, during the 1st UIC Global Signalling Conference – “The evolution of ERTMS”, held in Milan.
During the event, Renato Mazzoncini, Managing Director of FS Italiane, said that “the EU will invest EUR 500 billion to build new railway infrastructure, and important resources are also provided for the ERTMS deployment. It’s an innovative and excellent signalling system, which has given important results in terms of safety and reliability in the Italian High Speed / High Capacity system where it has been operating since December 2005.”
As an example on ERTMS implementation, the Rhine-Alps Corridor can be the pilot project to extend the system across Europe. “At the national level, our goal is to strengthen the railway lines of urban and metropolitan areas with the ERTMS HD technological evolution, a system that will allow us to increase traffic capacity for commuter services,” Mazzoncini said.
The ERTMS standard has been chosen by the EU as a unique language for the European railway system, given the excellent results achieved in the Turin-Salerno and Turin-Milan-Brescia HS/HC (high-speed/high-capacity) system.
“I’m proud to say that the ERTMS is also the global reference for railways. In Europe, we have business cases which send us positive signal and we need to accelerate the deployment. Although there are different kind of problems, we have to implement the system as it leads to better and more reliable transport services, cost reduction and it creates the EU’s single railway network,” Josef Doppelbauer, the Executive Director of ERA said.

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