EUR 1 billion contract awarded for Tel Aviv Purple LRT

Tel Aviv Purple light rail line The Metropolitan Mass Transit Systems (NTA) selected the consortium of CAF Group and the construction company Shapir for the construction of Tel Aviv Purple light rail line.
The EUR 1 billion contract covers the design, construction, financing and maintenance of the city’s light rail system for a term of 25 years.

Aside from the construction of the line, the scope of the contract also includes the design and supply of 98 new low-floor Urbos trams, each consisting of 5 modules, spanning a length of almost 35 metres. There is also an option to extend the contract for a further 32 units in the future.

The scope of the project for the awarded consortium also includes the supply of the signalling, energy and communication systems.

CAF Group’s portion of this project exceeds EUR 525 million and consists of the design and production of the new units, the supply of signalling, energy and communication systems in addition to project integration. The Spanish company will also have a 50% stake in the SPV company that will manage the maintenance of the line.

Tel Aviv Purple light rail line will be 27 km long connecting a planned total of 45 stations, and will also include a depot where maintenance work will be carried out on the fleet of vehicles. The LRT will run from Complex 2000, in the centre of Tel Aviv next to the Arolozorov train station, to connect the city centre with the eastern part of the metropolitan area, From the region of the Sheba Medical Center, the line splits into two branches.

The Northern section will operate through the streets: Refael Eitan, Anna and Max Web, adjacent to the northern border of Bar Ilan University.

The Southern branch will operate from the area of Sheba Medical Center, the route continues through Tel Hashomer army base, which will evacuated, through the city of Yehud-Monoson, up to the end of the southern branch on Hataiasim junction. This section also includes an extension through the city of Or – Yehuda, to the line’s depot which will be located on the southern part of the city.

The new line is expected to be fully operational by 2027.

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