EIB to finance Buenos Aires metro modernisation project

The European Investment Bank has under appraisal a EUR 89 million proposed finance for Buenos Aires metro rehabilitation programme that has a EUR 290 million value. Subterraneos de Buenos Aires has developed, with the assistance of the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB), an ambitious modernisation investment programme, which includes signalling system renewals, new power-supply systems, improvements in the ventilation systems, acquisition of additional rolling stock, refurbishment of the depots, and significant redesigns in all major stations to improve passenger safety and accessibility.
“The project complies with the 2014-2020 External Lending Mandate for Latin America, as it contributes to enhancing the public transport network and improves environmental sustainability and energy use optimisation, due to the expected positive modal shift to metro from private vehicles, with a reduction in transport-related pollutant emissions and fuel consumption,” EIB says.
In April 2017, Subterráneos de Buenos Aires awarded Alstom a EUR 17 million contract to renew power supply for Line B, including the design, assembly and commissioning of medium voltage ring cables, third rail power and tunnel disconnections.
Buenos Aires’ metro system is among the oldest in the world. The first two lines were built respectively in 1900 and 1934 and only very limited upgrades have taken place in the past decades. The precise project scope will be defined during appraisal.

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