Durmazlar provides modern urban rail vehicles

Panorama tram

Durmazlar, through its Railway Systems unit, which has started to operate as Durmaray since 2011, has delivered high-quality urban railway vehicles to different cities, providing comfortable journeys for passengers.
78 trams are operating on tramway networks in Turkish cities, such as Bursa (12 trams), Samsun (8 trams) and Kocaeli (12 trams).
In 2016, Durmaray completed the production of Panorma trams which serve Turkish cities’ tramway networks. In 2018, the company won contracts for the supply of 60 Panorama trams in total. Istanbul ordered 30 Panorma trams, while Kocaeli signed a contract for 6 Panorama trams.
A real success the company recorded was the contract signed with the city of Olsztyn, marking first export step and entering new markets. The contract was signed in 2018 for the delivery of 24 Panorama 100% low-floor tram cars. Panorama tram offers a capacity of 210 passengers which will serve the tramway network starting 2020.
In 2014, Durmaray started the serial production of the bi-directional tram, named Silkworm. Since 2015, the company achieved a new milestone, by starting the serial production of light rail vehicles. The city of Bursa awarded Durmaray a contract for 60 light rail vehicles.
To enter new markets, Durmazlar participated on Romania’s tram tenders offering different design options and new generation vehicles.
At its factory, the company is using advanced technology producing bogie frames and car body structures for high-speed trains, metro, LRV and tram vehicles under the name of Duray.
On production segment, the company is using a 15000 m2 plant for bogie frame and car body structure production and two areas totaling 35,000 m2 are used for rail system vehicles and commissioning activities.
Establishing Turkey’s first R&D center in the field of rail systems, 14 different vehicle models were designed in scope of project, design, layout and software, with 5 of these design types being adopted. The company is performing routine, static and dynamic tests, vehicle performance tests along with routine tests such as tests for braking with EN standards.
In addition, the company is implementing industry 4.0 applications, utilizing innovative digitalisation solutions such as big data and smart data, as well as IoT. For example, the company is using big data for panorama trams for which it was developed Drive, Door, Air Conditioning, Brake systems.
Relating to IoT, company’s vehicles lubricate the rails to prevent wheel wear and increase driving comfort. In the rail vehicles used open to traffic and pedestrian roads, a layer of oil is formed which is difficult to clean and lubricate. This oil layer can be a traffic hazard. Thanks to the intelligent lubrication system, the vehicles communicate with each other. The company can ensure that not only every vehicle but also certain vehicles passing through that point lubricate. The tram can automatically send emails to predetermined contacts. Durmazlar has developed an early notification system called ‘Durcom’.

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