Design contract for another line of Madrid commuter network

Madrid CercaníasAdif has launched the renewal programme of the 38.5 km conventional line that connects the Chamartín-Clara Campoamor and Príncipe Pío stations, which fundamentally provides service to Madrid Cercanías through lines C-3a, C7, C-8 and C-10.

Adif awarded Intecsa-Inersa a EUR 1.65 million contract to elaborate the design for the modernisation of Chamartín – Príncipe Pío suburban railway line as a previous step for the bidding of construction works that will reinforce the reliability and capacity on the stretch. The works which form part of the Madrid Cercanías plan will be developed while maintaining the provision of the railway service.

The work covers the replacement of all track elements including the ballast, rails and switches, as well as actions for electrification and catenary system, passages, slopes and embankments. Construction also includes works for ballastless tracks in the existing tunnels. In addition, works will be realised on road infrastructure.

The renewal of Chamartín – Príncipe Pío rail is co-financed through the Connecting Europe Facility. Under the 2016 CEF call for proposals, the project on the remodelling the Madrid Chamartin railway complex to adapt it to high speed services obtained EUR 1.6 million of the eligible cost of EUR 3.2 million for study elaboration, part of the Nodes of the Core Network priority.

The renovation actions will also be carried out in the route between the bifurcation of Príncipe Pío station and Pinar de las Rozas, thus reinforcing the section that has this last station and Las Matas, where the line will be quadrupled soon as a EUR 58 million contract has been awarded for this project. On March 31, 2023, Adif signed the contract with Temporary Business Union consortium comprising Aldesa Construcciones, Coalvi, and Construcciones, Instalación y Tracción for double-track construction on the 5.5 km section between Nudo de Pinar de Las Rozas and Las Matas. The section is part of Madrid – Hendaya line and the C-8, C-10 and C-3A commuter lines on the Madrid Cercanías system. The project is expected to be completed in 36 months, increasing the capacity on Madrid Cercanías network as well as on the medium and long-distance freight traffic which will run on the outer tracks.

In 2022, Adif AV awarded a consortium of Vías y Construcciones, Comsa, Azvi and Constructora San José EUR 207 million contract for the modernisation and expansion of Madrid Chamartín station. This project covers the construction of four additional tracks dedicated for high-speed traffic and remodeling the entire station which encompasses three areas for passengers to use high-speed trains and an area designed to accommodate commuter transport services. These areas will be connected by a common lobby to deliver seamless access to all rail services and facilitate passenger flow through the longitudinal corridor designed as the centre of the station for passenger movement. Part of this project, Thales won a EUR 8.66 million contract to modify the ERTMS L1 and L2 signalling and the telecommunications and energy systems of the high-speed infrastructure. The contract was signed in January 2022 with Thales expected to complete the works in 2024.

Adif continues to make progress for the Madrid Cercanías expansion and modernisation plan, promoting sustainable mobility for metropolitan routes. The strategy covers a total of 120 actions, half of which are executed, in the construction or bidding phase, and the rest, in planning or project stage.

In February 2023, the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda (Mitma) announced that EUR 4 billion was the investment mobilised for the Madrid Cercanías plan which has a total cost of EUR 6 billion including the fleet renewal.

Out of the entire plan’s budget, EUR 3.4 billion is the investment allotted to Adif for infrastructure projects and intervensions, while more than EUR 3 billion is the investment provided to Renfe for rolling stock procurement, improvement of the reliability of the existing trains and interventions in the stations and reinforcement of customer service and maintenance facilities.

Renfe has already carried out projects worth more than EUR 650 million in addition to the purchase of 217 trains to improve the Cercanías service.

In 2021, Renfe signed EUR 2.44 billion contracts with Alstom and Stadler for the supply of 211 high-capacity trains and in December 2022, the Spanish operator ordered 49 additional Coradia Stream trains from Alstom, which in total will deliver 201 Cercanías EMUs.

In 2021, a EUR 258 million contract has been also signed by Renfe and CAF for the supply of 37 metre-gauge trains for commuter and medium-distance traffic. In addition, in 2023, Renfe ordered from CAF 29 Cercanías EMUs.


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