Renfe selects again CAF for train contract

Cercanías EMUs

The Board of Directors of Renfe awarded CAF a EUR 197.2 million contract for the supply of 29 Cercanías EMUs including options for 9 additional trains and further coaches that can be used to extend the units in the base contract. The contract also includes train maintenance for 15 years and spare parts.

The four-car trains will have a total capacity of 500 passengers. They will be fitted out with state-of-the-art technology and on-board passenger accessibility and comfort features, designed to facilitate access for people with reduced mobility and systems that make journeys more comfortable for visually or hearing impaired passengers.

The new trains will deliver increased reliability and will increase energy efficiency and safety while reducing incidents.

In October 2022, Renfe awarded CAF a contract to supply 28 medium distance hybrid trainsets with an option for 42 further vehicles.

The procurement of the new Cercanías EMUs is part of Renfe’s rolling stock investment programme launched in 2019 targeting the renewal of 50% of its fleet dedicated to Public Service Obligations (PSO). By now, the Spanish rail operator has a firm investment of EUR 5.5 billion that allows the purchase or modernisation of 539 trains, including locomotives. The programme is expected to generate around 52,000 new jobs, Renfe says.

Under two EUR 2.4 billion contracts, Renfe will purchase 211 high-capacity Cercanías trains, 152 of which to be delivered by Alstom under a EUR 1.4 billion contract, while Stadler will deliver 59 commuter trains totalling EUR 998 million. In December 2022, Renfe ordered 49 additional Coradia Stream high-capacity trains from Alstom meaning the French manufacturer will deliver a total fleet of 201 Cercanías EMUs. In 2021, Alstom and Renfe also signed a contract to deliver 125 X’Trapolis trains totalling EUR 1.4 billion intended to be used for suburban services.

Thus, with these two contracts, Renfe will benefit 280 high-capacity trains to operate the suburban and commuter and regional junctions.

Another rolling stock contract Renfe signed includes a EUR 287 million investment for 31 metric-gauge trains including 26 electric trains and 5 hybrid trainsets, as well as 6 Alpine trains which will be manufactured by CAF. The contract also includes partial maintenance of the train fleet for a period of 15 years. They will be able to run at a maximum speed of 100 km/h and will be adapted to the demand delivering last mile services, being powered by battery. The hybrid trains that will allow the use of electricity in sections with catenary, reducing emissions.

To develop its freight services, Renfe Mercancías is acquiring 12 Stadler Euro 6000 electric locomotives that will operate the Pajares tunnel.

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