CRRC tested hybrid locomotive in extreme cold conditions

CRRC hybrid locoCRRC Ziyang announced that has started extreme cold weather tests for an oil-electricity hybrid locomotive. The tests were conducted in north of Inner Mongolia autonomous region, where the local temperature was minus 40 degrees Celsius.
Despite the extreme cold outside, the temperature in the cab was 25 degrees Celsius and the batteries showed a temperature of 12 degrees Celsius, suitable for the operation.
On January 7, the locomotive carried out a successful shunting on marshalling experiment in environment of minus 30 degrees Celsius in Northeast China and in August 2016, the same locomotive had operated in high temperatures in northwest China’s Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region.
The successful experiments in both extreme cold and hot weather showed the world’s largest-power hybrid locomotive can run in environment with different temperatures, CRRC Ziyang stated.

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