Contract signed for Bucharest – Giurgiu rail connection

Bucharest – Giurgiu railwayPorr Construct and the Romanian railway infrastructure manager CFR SA signed a EUR 97 million (RON 472 million) contract for the modernisation of Bucharest – Giurgiu railway line which includes Gradistea rail bridge.

“The modernisation of the historically significant rail link between Bucharest and Giurgiu and the landmark in Gradistea will improve the transport infrastructure in the economic region in the long term. We are proud that we are able to realise this technically demanding mega-project”, Karl-Heinz Strauss, CEO of Porr said.

The design and build contract for the Bucharest – Giurgiu railway includes the renewal of a total of four bridges, track works, the refurbishment of the signalling systems and works to repair station buildings along the line.

The project is expected to be completed within 30 months.

“The works for the reconstruction of the railway bridge over the Arges river will take three years, which includes six months of design works and 24 months of construction works, involving a 12 km-long rail line. The construction of the bridge over the Arges river and the access viaducts are the most complex part of the project,” Ioan Pintea, the Director General of CFR SA said at the signing ceremony.

The contract also includes the reopening of the Gradistea bridge, which collapsed during a flood in 2005, and will significantly improve rail freight traffic in the region.

The project is related to the modernisation of the București Nord – Jilava – Giurgiu Nord – Giurgiu Nord Border (with Bulgaria), including the first lot – the reopening of the railway traffic over the Arges river between Vidra and Comana. The global project includes the design and modernisation works on the Vidra-Comana line including the Comana station, from km 18+180 (Vidra station) to the km 30+200 (Comana station), on a 12 km railway route with four bridges and two viaducts.

The contract is funded by the European resources.

The modernisation of the railway line for the traffic reopening along the route is an important project with a huge impact on the development of the crossed regions and the Bucharest – Giurgiu railway link is an important connection between the Rhine – Danube Corridor and the south-eastern European countries such as Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey.




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