Cohesion funding for railway projects in Poland

Poland has received from the EU a total funding of EUR 604 million for railway projects which envisages the modernisation of communication systems and railway services.
In September the European Commission adopted three EUR 676 million major Cohesion Policy projects that will improve country’s transport infrastructure.
EUR 487 million were provided for the replacement of the outdated technology and set up a modern communication system along almost 14,000 km of railway line throughout the country. In addition to improving passenger safety and reducing travel time, this project will allow Poland to move towards introducing the ERTMS, which will integrate Polish rail lines with the European railway network. The project should be operational as of July 2023.
EUR 117 million funding will support the modernisation of railway transport in Silezia. The project includes upgrading and electrifying 46 km of railway lines, building or refurbishing stations, platforms, viaducts and bridges in northern Silesia.
It will also make platforms accessible for people with reduced mobility and build a new International Airport station at Pyrzowice, which serves the regional capital of Katowice.
The works will restore traffic on the Tarnowskie Góry-Zawiercie line while creating safe and reliable links to and from Pyrzowice airport.
This project is expected to be completed in 2022 which will improve the efficiency of freight transport and ensure reliable connections for passengers.

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