Budamar-Optifin merger over Tatravagónka approved

The Antimonopoly Office of Slovakia approved the acquisition of direct joint control of Budamar Logistics and Optifin Invest over Tatravagónka freight wagon producer.
On rolling stock production, the authority says that there is no horizontal overlap, since the production of freight wagons, produced by Tatravagónka, and the production of passenger wagons, produced by ŽOS Vrútky, owned by Budamar group, belong to separate relevant markets.
Tatravagónka is already a member of Optifin Invest (since 2006) and at the beginning of this year, Budamar Logistics signed an agreement for the acquisition of 50% stake in Poprad-based Tatravagónka.
The main business activity of the company Tatravagónka is the production of rail freight wagons and railway bogies, and it also deals with the production of welded subassemblies and spare parts.
The company has 2,000 employees and EUR 200 million turnover, being one of the biggest freight wagon manufacturer in Europe.

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