Bucharest approves a new tram line

The General Council of Bucharest approved the technical and economic indicators for the extension to four traffic lanes of Prelungirea Ghencea street between Brasov street and Bucharest Ring Road. The investment is estimated at approximately RON 559 million, excluding VAT (EUR 120 million), and the project includes the extension of the street to four traffic lanes, the introduction of the tram line, the creation of a bicycle trail, the footwalk development and the construction of an intermodal hub with superposed parking at the end of Prelungirea Ghencea Boulevard, at Domnesti road junction.
The new boulevard will have three pedestrian passages, 24 bus stations and 20 tramway platforms. The project also provides for the preservation of the existing tram line on Ghencea Boulevard to the end of the existing 41 light rail line. The project is estimated to be completed in 2 years.
According to a special report, it was necessary to adapt the initial project so as to ensure the integrated functionality of both the tramway line and the road in the current traffic conditions due to the necessity of introducing the tram line on Prelungirea Ghencea Street, the creation of an intermodal hub contigous to the Domnesti pass, the four traffic lane extension and the preservation of the existing tram line on Ghencea Boulevard to the end of 41 light rail line.
The new artery will have a length of 6 km, two traffic lanes on both roadways, a tram line in the middle of them, bicycle tracks, 6 m wide footwalks and green spaces between the footwalk and the roadway (3). All conjunctions with the side roads will be refurbished, and those with Brasov, Valea Oltului and Raul Doamnei streets will be fitted with street lamps. At the same time, an intermodal node (comprising 41 light rail line, buses and minibuses of the suburban lines) and a Park&Ride facility with an initial capacity of 300 spaces will be built. The Park&Ride facility will reach 500 spaces in a further development.
The project will be linked to the Domnesti Road Node, under the coordination of the National Company for Road Infrastructure Administration (CNAIR), which ensures the connection with the Bucharest Ring Road.

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