Auckland LRT delivery partners shortlisted

The two preferred delivery partners for Auckland light rail have been chosen and a final decision on who will be responsible for the project will be made early next year.
NZ Infra, a joint venture between the New Zealand Super Fund and Canada’s CDPQ Infra group, and the NZ Transport Agency, will further develop their proposals for Government to consider early next year.
Following NZ Infra tabling its proposal in May 2018, the Government asked the Ministry of Transport for advice on its options in respect of approaches to the delivery, construction and funding and financing of the CC2M line (City Centre to Māngere, Airport LRT).
In May, the government has launched the procurement process on Auckland LRT, covering both the CBD to West Auckland and to the Auckland International Airport links.
The two light rail lines are estimated at NZD 6 billion (USD 3.83 billion), which is seen as the biggest public transport project in New Zealand. Is is estimated that the city center-Airport route would have a length of 23- km double track. A further extension of the network to the North after the first two lines will be considered.
Under the updated Auckland Transport Alignment Project (ATAP) report, published in 2018, NZD 1.8 billion (USD 1.15 billion) would be allocated to develop the LRT between the city’s centre and Airport (Māngere) and North-Western light rail lines. These two projects are considered an investment priority until 2028.

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