Another Romanian city to buy new trams

Galati City will invest EUR 34 million in the modernisation of a tram line using European funds. Moreover, the city plans to attract EU funds for another major project, the procurement of 18 new trams. In April, the Local Council approved the procurement of 18 new trams using European funds by amending last year’s decision to buy only eight vehicles.
The Council later said that of the total 280 local projects in different phases of implementation on the Municipality’s agenda, they have 28 major ongoing projects, of which 12 to be completed in 2018 and the remainder in 2019.
„Our most valuable project is the construction of Siderurgiştilor – str. 1 Decembrie – Traian Vuia – H. Coandă – G. Coşbuc tram line. It is a two-phase project, each worth EUR 17 million. Then, there is the procurement of the 18 projects submitted to the Ministry and which we carry out a procurement procedure”, declared the city’s Mayor Ionuț Pucheanu.
At present, the tram fleet of Transurb SA Galaţi local public transport company includes 44 trams, yet only 16 provide daily transport services.
The modern electric and silent trams will cost around EUR 1.5 million each, the financing source being European funds through the Regional Operational Programme 2014-2020, for which only 2% of the investment is granted from the local budget, 13% from the state budget, and 85% from the European Regional Development Fund.
According to the report presented to Mayor Pucheanu during the reunion of the Social dialogue Commission at Galati Prefecture, the city also plans to rehabilitate the local trolleybus network.

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