Ankara-Izmir high-speed railway, completed in 2019

Works for the high-speed railway that connects Turkey’s capital Ankara to Izmir will be completed at the end of 2019”, Turkish Minister of Development, Lütfi Elvan, announced. Izmir is an important city in Turkey, located in the west of Anatolia, on the Aegean Coast.

“I believe Izmir will have a very powerful touristic and economic potential, especially due to transport infrastructure development”, Minister Elvan added.

Ankara-Izmir high-speed railway will measure 624 km and trains will hit speeds of 250 km/h. The project is valuated at TRY 4.5 billion (USD 1.2 billion). Turkish Railways (TCDD) estimates it will carry about 6 million passengers on this route every year.

Moreover, Turkish Minister of Development plans to build a port in Çandarlı, a city located in Izmir Province. According to the Turkish authorities, this port will be the tenth largest port in the world.

Minister Elvan emphasised that thanks to these investments, Izmir will not only become an important region in Turkey, but also one of the most important logistics centres. Izmir already is an important industrial and commercial hub. Therefore, its export potential from the markets of Central Anatolia and those of the Aegean Sea regions to markets from Europe, Middle East, Far East and Africa is very important.

Turkey’s Ministry of Development believes the region could have an export potential worth USD 8.5 billion.


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