Adif AV tenders the acquisition and maintenance of 22 locomotives

With a tender budget of EUR 167.79 million (VAT included), the contract provides for the supply of locomotives that reach a maximum speed of at least 160 km / h. The rolling stock will be used for functions such as line exploration, rescue, snowplow and maintenance support.
Adif Alta Velocidad has tendered the contract for the acquisition and integral maintenance of 22 standard-width diesel locomotives (1,435 mm), which will be used to provide various services on current and future high-speed lines. The contract has a budget of 167,798,090 euros (VAT included) and an execution period of eleven years.
The rolling stock that will be the subject of the tender will be used for functions such as line exploration, rescue work, snow plows and support for maintenance work (towing of work trains of up to 600 tons).
The locomotives offered must reach a speed equal to or greater than 160 km / h and be based on sufficiently experienced technologies in railway operations. In the main components, such as bogies and power equipment, the mixing of basic technologies from different sources whose integration has not been proven will not be allowed. Likewise, they will have at both ends an obstacle deflector capable of separating the snow and the signaling equipment (ERTMS and ASFA) and communications (GSM-R) required.
The deadline for the provisional reception of the first two locomotives will be 36 months from the signing of the certificate of commencement of the works. The validity of the maintenance service contract is established in eight years from the provisional reception of the first two locomotives.


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