Victoria to establish new rail freight priorities

Victoria’s Minister for Ports and Freight Melissa Horne and Minister for Transport Infrastructure Jacinta Allan announced the establishment of a new Rail Freight Working Group which is bringing together members of the freight and primary industries, as well as government agencies.

“This new group will give operators and farmers a voice at the table as we continue investing in important Victorian rail freight projects to boost our export power and support regional jobs. Our working group will look at the entire freight supply chain – from farm to port – and make it easier for producers to get Victorian goods to the world,” said Melissa Horne.

The state’s government is calling the railway freight and industry to collaborate to boost the rail freight capacity and the network priorities.

The working group will facilitate further communication between government and industry to progress key projects and deliver the best return on Victoria’s infrastructure investments.

“We’re working with industry experts to shape the future of Victoria’s rail freight industry, building its capacity and supporting Victoria’s vital export sector,” Jacinta Allan said during the announcement.

Massive investment is needed for Victoria’s rail freight infrastructure which will drive economic growth.

In Victoria, some rail freight transport projects are currently carried out involving new terminals, Murray basin rail project, port rail shuttle and Shepparton Rail Freight Planning Study, that will lead to enhanced freight capacity.


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