UWC wins a new contract for sulphur tank cars

Sulphur tank cars Research and Production Corporation United Wagon Company, UWC, and Slavneft-Yanos, one of Russia’s biggest oil refineries, have signed a contract for the supply of sulphur tank cars.

They are expected to be delivered in October 2020 and will transport molten sulphur.

The sulphur tank cars are designed with an increased volume of 44 m3 and a capacity of 72 tonnes. The Tikhvin-manufactured 15-6913 tank car is highly competitive in comparison with standard cars on 18-100 and similar bogie models. The increased payload results in up to 10% of savings on the rolling stock needed for shipment.

The 15-6913 tank car is equipped with 18-9855 bogies with a 25-tonne axle load, enabling an increased maintenance for intervals up to 1 million km or 8 years. This model allows a lifecycle of 32 years. For comparison, the standard tank car for molten sulphur undergoes the first routine repair after it runs 210,000 km, or in 3 years, and the follow-up depot repair after running another 110,000 km, or in 2 years.

The car’s tank is made of stainless steel resistant to aggressive cargoes. For its construction, the designers used thermal insulation with double casing forming an air gap or clearance to ensure the uniform heating of transported cargo with hot air. The air in the gap is heated by means of tubular heating elements under the tank. The sections are installed on the tank’s frame along with a control panel, power outlets and a fuse panel. The degree of cargo heating is monitored through a thermal sensor placed on the tank shell.

Currently, Slavneft-Yanos oil refinery has a fleet of Tikhvin-produced tank cars of 39 units that transport commercial-grade sulphuric acid and molten sulphur.

This year, UWC has delivered Ivanomorsk TPK a second batch of 15-6913 tank cars, also to transport molten Sulphur.

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