USD 3 billion investment for Russian rail infrastructure

Russian Railways will invest RUB 200 billion (USD 3 billion) on the infrastructure development to achieve a fourfold increase in the volume of transit container shipments by 2024.
The plan highlights the development of transit traffic which provides for the creation of 26 new railway stations and strengthening the power supply system along 1,300 km of track, as well as a number of other infrastructure measures.
“All these plans should be synchronised with the development programmes of all participants along the routes: the shippers, ports and border crossings,” Alexey Shilo, the Director of Commercial Activities said.
To develop freight traffic, RZD also take into account the stability and predictability of tariffs, the constant improvement of service level, and the involvement of each participant in the chain which has to work to increase its efficiency on an ongoing basis. “As a result, consumer trust is then expressed in the number of tons of freight and goods transported and the number of clients and so on,” said Alexei Shilo.
Another important area is the change to a universal CIM/SMGS consignment note, which will allow shippers to transport cargo between different countries on a single transport document and speed up border and customs operations.
From 2019, Russian Railways plans to switch to the registration of such invoices in electronic form.
“Together we have to create a system that will benefit everyone. Only integrative solutions can achieve success. And the results of our joint integration project with Belarusian and Kazakhstan railways, through the United Transport and Logistics Company (UTLC), make clear just how effective this approach is proving,” Shilo explained.

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