Ulan Bator Railway to double rail freight traffic

By 2030, Ulan Bator Railway is expecting to double its freight traffic to 53 million tonnes, announced Alexander Misharin, the Chairman of the Board of the company.
This target can be achieved as projects on technical renewal of infrastructure, the introduction of the latest technologies and the use of modern traction and rolling stock are currently carried out.
During a meeting with Biambasuren Enkh-Amgalan, Mongolia’s Minister of Roads and Transport, Misharin highlighted the possibility of increasing the company’s share capital, as well as the future development of Mongolia’s railway network, as UBR is a dynamic operator that makes a significant contribution to Mongolia’s social and economic development.
For Ulan Bator Railway, Russian Railways is implementing track overhaul works and transport management system modernisation which resulted 20% capacity increase in 2018.
The projects will allow UBR to become part of Russia-Mongolia-China economic corridor. It is planned that by 2020, major track repairs, rolling stock modernisation, and number of other measures will be carried out.
Ulan Bator Railway plays a key role in providing Mongolia’s transport links. Rail transport accounts for over 60% of the country’s freight traffic.

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