Ukrzaliznytsya 2023 strategy approved

Ukraine’s Cabinet of Ministers approved the 2023 development strategy for Ukrzaliznytsya which highlights company’s projects for the next five years.
The strategy’s main objective is to make Ukrzaliznytsia attractive for investments and to work in a transparent manner, Yevgeny Kravtsov, the CEO of Ukrzaliznytsya stated.
The strategy sets 10 key strategic initiatives which envisage the establishment of reasonable tariffs, company’s reorganisation, the implementation of the long-term investment plan and of the projects under PPP, the development of rail services, as well as the introduction of a security management system.
Under the strategy, three companies will be established: the railway infrastructure manager and the two railway operators– the rail passenger operator and UZ Cargo, which will be responsible for freight operations. In addition, Ukraine’s railway network will be opened to private railway operators.
The strategy also includes the modernisation of the existing rolling stock as well as the procurement of new trains and cars to provide a high-quality rail transport services.

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