Turkey to invest EUR 150 million in new rolling stock

The new State rail transport operator in Turkey, TCDD Taşımacılık, announced for 2017 an investment of TRY 586 million (EUR 150 million) for the purchase of new diesel locomotives and new passenger and freight railcars.

In the last four years, the financing allocated from the State budget was almost the same, with a few differences, as in 2014 for the purchase of rolling stock the amount assigned was of TRY 453 million (EUR 115 million), in 2015 the amount was TRY 676 million (EUR 171.5 million), this being the highest amount allocated in the last four years, and in 2016 the state budget financing for new rolling stock was TRY 615 million (EUR 156 million).

High speed train sets will obtain the biggest share within the rolling stock investments budget in 2017 as TRY 245 million (EUR 62.3 million) will be spent for high speed trains. Deliveries of the order for 6 Velaro Siemens trainsets was completed in 2016. TCDD Taşımacılık is now getting prepared for the purchase of 10 high speed trains, as a first step within the project to purchase 106 high speed trains, project which is worth TRY 10 billion (EUR 2.54 billion).

Furthermore, TCDD Taşımacılık has an investment budget of TRY 130 million (EUR 33 million) for the purchase of new freight cars and modernization of its freight cars fleet. Thus, in 2017, 1200 freight cars will either be purchased or modernized, TCDD Taşımacılık says.

The company is planning to buy 52 DMU sets until 2018. This year’s budget, for the investment, is TRY 120 million (EUR 30.5 million). Currently, there are 80 DMU sets in the fleet, 48 of which are in service and operating.

The company did not purchase any locomotive in 2016 but this year, for this purpose, TRY 20 million (EUR 5 million) are earmarked. TCDD allocated a budget of TRY 55 million (EUR 14 million) for the purchase of a train for testing high-speed lines.

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