Thales to provide CBTC for Ottawa’s LRT line expansion

East-West Connectors, the consortium responsible for the construction of Ottawa’s Stage 2 O-Train Confederation Line Extension project, awarded Thales the contract to provide its SelTrac™ CBTC system for the LRT extension.
Under the contract, Thales contribution consists of integrating control units on-board each train, the installation of guideway equipment, including zone controllers, as well as commissioning the system to be safely integrated within Stage 1 operations.
The Stage 2 Confederation Line extension will expand the initial 13 station Stage 1 Confederation Line farther east and west. The Stage 2 Confederation Line will extend east to Trim Road and west to Baseline Road and Moodie Drive, adding 28 km of LRT, 16 stations and a maintenance and storage facility.
Following completion of the Stage 2 extension, the Confederation Line will consist of 29 stations spanning a distance of 40 km providing more Ottawa residents with fast, efficient, clean and reliable light rail service.
The SelTrac™ CBTC system is an integral part of the O-Train’s Stage 1 transport solution, which is designed to meet Ottawa’s transit challenges with a system that integrates surrounding communities with existing cycling and pedestrian paths and roadways. Thales’ involvement in the Stage 2 Confederation Line extension minimizes integration risks and commissioning time.

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