Stockholm to build new metro stations

Kristoffer Tamsons, the Chairman of Stockholm public transport company, SL, has announced that 17 new metro stations will be constructed within the next years, to provide a more inclusive and developed transport system.
Currently, the length of city’s metro system is 105 km, served by 100 stations.
“The public transport has become the driving force for our society’s growth and progress. We will make our public transport system smarter and more inclusive. We will invest to develop our public transport, as the backbone of all transport system,” Tamsons said at the UITP Global Public Transport Summit.
The city is also implementing modernisation works on Red and Green lines.
We remind you that the 2018-2019 national plan for infrastructure, adopted by the government, envisages funding for capital’s rail transport system.
The public transport network provides efficient links, which increase the market share. Currently, 8 out of 10 journeys are made by tram, metro, bus or ferry. The public transport system of Stockholm’s region is world leader in renewable energy, which reduced by 50% the climate impact since 2011. The goal for 2018 was to reduce the climate impact by over 40% compared to 2011 level, which was achieved. Compared to 1990 level, the climate impact was reduced by 70%.
100% of city’s land public transport is driven by green fossil-free fuels. The transition to renewable fuels in public transport made possible the large decrease of climate impact.
All public transport on land is driven by biofuels or electricity that comes from sun, wind and water.

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