Sofia orders additional Inspiro metro trains

Inspiro metro trainsSimetro consortium, consisting of Siemens Mobility Bulgaria, Siemens Mobility Austria and Newag, has been appointed to deliver 8 additional Inspiro metro trains for Sofia metro Line 3.

The contract was signed by city’s metro operator Metropolitan EAD and the consortium on July 20, 2023 and also includes the installation of CBTC Trainguard MT on-board equipment, manufactured by Siemens Mobility.

BGN 134 million (EUR 66.8 million) is the value of the contract under which the car bodies will be manufactured at the Siemens Mobility plant in Vienna, while final assembly and testing will take place in Nowy Sącz, Poland, by Newag.

The new trains will be deployed on the Line 3 extension expected to become operational in the second half of 2026.

The Inspiro platform has been developed with particular emphasis on low energy consumption, optimised maintenance, passenger safety and comfort, and meets the highest environmental requirements. Up to 95% of the Inspiro trains can be recycled at the end of their life cycle.

The metro trains have a maximum operating speed of 80 km/h. Their floor is a weight-saving, sound-absorbent composite cork-aluminum plate. They also feature a highlyredundant traction and brake system (bogie-oriented), ensuring a high level of availability and electrodynamic braking almost down to standstill.

The new trains are equipped with state-of-the-art traction and braking systems which ensure high operational safety and electrodynamic braking almost to a standstill.

The driver’s cabin and passenger compartment are air-conditioned for maximum comfort. Open space and modern interior design guarantee a pleasant journey. The elongated seats and twelve wide doors on each side of the train ensure maximum passenger capacity and a smooth flow of passengers in the metro stations.

There are 38 Inspiro metro trains that run on Sofia’s metro network, ensuring faster transport services for millions of the capital’s residents and visitors, and reducing the carbon footprint by relieving car traffic.

In addition, Metropolitan EAD recently ordered from Škoda Group 8 new metro trains with four cars worth EUR 65 million. The new vehicles will enter operation from 2026 in the mentro lines 1, 2 and 4, providing passengers increased access and comfort.

Sofia metro Line 3 is currently implementing the fourth stage of extension from Geo Milev to Slatina, crossing through Military Academy at Evlogi and Hristo Georgievi Blvd. This extension is 6 km long with six new stations. A preliminary design for the section is under process and its construction is planned to be proposed for financing during the programming period 2021-2027.

In 2022, the European Investment Bank announced it would provide a EUR 196 million loan for the construction of the third stage of Line 3, which is estimated at EUR 436 million.

The construction of this section has been introduced on Bulgaria’s Recovery and Resilience Facility (RRF) which includes a EUR 665.8 million allocation for the development of sustainable transport and its digitalisation. This financing includes the procurement of new rolling stock including urban rail vehicles,, the expansion of Sofia metro, the construction of a new intermodal terminal in Ruse and the implementation of a pilot project to help Bulgarian cities to achieve net zero emission in public transport system.

In 2020, the Metropolitan EAD opened the first 8 km section with 8 stations between Krasno Selo and Hadji Dimitar districts. EUR 398.2 million was the value of this section of which EUR 321.8 million was provided by the EU under the Operational Programme “Transport and Transport Infrastructure“ 2014 – 2020. The project included the construction of the depot at Zhitnitsa and the delivery of 20 Inspiro metro trains.

The second extension (west section) has been inaugurated in April 2022 linking Ovcha Kupel and Gorna Banya districts on a 4 km-long line served by 4 stations.

When the remaining works for the last extension of Sofia Metro Line 3 will be completed, the line will have a length of 21 km served by 21 stations bringing closet the eastern districts of the city with the easter ones.

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